REST Residency 2022

REST is a remote residency organised by TENT in collaboration with Chetna Mehrotra (Mumbai, IN). During this residency, we support four Indian artists with guidance and provide them with financial support for the duration of the residency. First part of the residency with two artists will take place in May 2022 between Amsterdam and different locations in India.

It is our pleasure to welcome Kanika Singh,

our first resident for spring/summer 2022!

Kanika Singh is an artist based in Delhi, India. She enjoys watercolour painting, and also likes to play and experiment with other forms of visual art. Mandalas, abstract landscapes, and the universe are some of her favourite themes. She is interested in learning about art as a means of improving mental health and well being, which is one of the major influences on her creative process. She is also exploring poetry and dance as other forms of creative expression. 

We feel that the art-structure does not give space to artist to rest and reflect. While talking about the reflection, care and rest, the artist community in India itself is too busy to work outside of survival mode.

Although some artists do find residency support from Western countries, they are expected to move to the host countries for work and work for the benefits of the benefactors rather than the art itself. As a result all the efforts and energy of the artist is spent in complying to the agendas of benefactor and leaves no space for art exploration. We felt a need to create structure, which can support artist to rest, to reflect, to evaluate and to envision the future of their artistic practices. Thus REST, supports and sponsors four Indian artists, based in India, with this remote residency.

Chetna Mehrotra is an artist and cultural entrepreneur based in India. She is the founder of Rangbhumi. In her artistic practice, she creates the idea of Multipartiality in a dialogic medium, mostly by inviting conversation to engage constructively in the transformation of the social fabric. For the past two years, she has been engaged with multiple international artists, collectives, and institutions, to create a network and space for intercultural knowledge exchanges.