Workshop: Theatre of the Oppressed by Jiwon Chung

Jiwon Chung is a professional actor and director. He is a key theorist and exponent of Theater of the Oppressed and its integration with somatics, martial arts, applied theater, pedagogy, and media activism. He teaches internationally and has held faculty positions at St. Mary’s College, the Graduate Theological Union, Dominican University and has served as the president of the national organization for Theater of the Oppressed. Jiwon also teaches at the Berkeley Repertory School of Theater. He has worked intensively in the areas of conflict transformation, environmental justice, police violence, racism, homelessness, war & refugee trauma, torture, genocide, global militarism, and other issues of systemic and structural violence and injustice. Jiwon’s approach to individual, interpersonal and institutional change is informed by his background as a war veteran, martial artist, and four decades of Vipassana meditation.

Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) is a form of popular education that uses theatre as a vehicle for fundamental social transformation. Forged in the crucible of revolutionary movements, it uses the dynamized human body and the charged theatrical space as laboratories for exploring power, transforming oppression, and finding collective solutions to the fundamental problems of conflict, exploitation, violence, and human suffering. Harnessing the reflexivity of the theatrical form as a generative critical methodology, TO

contends that there are no neutral observers, ideologies, or systems of practice: every spectator is a potential actor, every system potentially oppressive or liberatory, and that the collective artistic liberation of our human capacity, dignity, and creativity is an

imperative for transformation and survival.

DATES: Sat 4th of June 2022 - Sun 12th of June 2022

4th, 5th & 11th of June: full day intensive program (10:00-18:00)

6th - 10th of June: 3-4 hours per day; the exact workshop times will be defined together with the participants and their needs.

12th of June: public sharing with an audience

FEES: The programme fee is covered by Gessnerallee Zurich. Unfortunately, we cannot provide accommodation and catering. We can share with you addresses for affordable accommodations.

LANGUAGE: English.


APPLICATION: Please send a short letter of motivation of maximum one A4 page

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