What motivations prompt artists and cultural practitioners to establish self-organised structures, and how do the conditions and challenges differ in various contexts? TENT, a mobile and temporary space designed by the artist Pankaj Tiwari for exchange and discourse, will host four conversations on the topic of 'self-organisation' between artists and cultural practitioners from local and international contexts. The audience is invited to join in the conversations, drink tea and take part in the joint dinner at TENT.


15:00 – 16:00
A conversation about the role of resources and how they shape the practice of self-organisation in different political contexts.
With Tammy Langtry | Sona Seyersen

16:00 – 17:00
A conversation about queering self-organisation and practices of research and programming.
With Anna Konjetzky (Playground) | Mai Strathmann (queer:raum) | Quindell Orton (queer:raum & Playground)

17:15 – 18:15
A conversation about self-organised and community-driven platforms in sonic cultures.
With Imaad Majeed (Radio Thattu Pattu) | Sianza Zink (Radio 80000)

18:15 – 19:15
A conversation about strategies of self-organisation as a tool when building your own path in the arts.
With Angelinah Maponya | Thalia Schoeller

19:00 – 20:00

Concept & Development Pankaj Tiwari Concept & Realisation Epona Hamdan With Pankaj Tiwari | Anna Donderer | Anna Konjetzky | Tammy Langtry | Angelinah Maponya | Imaad Majeed | Sianza Zink | Thalia Schoeller | Sona Seyersen | Mai Strathmann | Quindell Orton TENT Artist in Residence Sankrit Kulmanochawong