TENT: A School of performative Practices, is a decentralized institution which aims to create an open platform for exchanges between artists, researchers and anyone interested. It builds new modes of inclusion and diversity. TENT uses interactive formats such as talks, residencies, dinners and temporal togetherness.  It is a space for imagining, thinking, listening and also responding to social injustices. 

TENT simultaneously a real tent, a physical object and an institution as an idea. Its first residency programme REST starts in May 2022. TENT does not have its own property, but works with other institutions and their resources. From June 2021 to May 2022, TENT has been in its rehearsal phase and we have worked and learned by cooperating with other institutions, festivals, public spaces and schools.

TENT was founded by artist and curator Pankaj Tiwari with the following aim:

I wish to create a structure which is real, inclusive, diverse. An institution that does not exploit people’s identity to capitalise on it. Rather than that, I would like to create a structure where diverse identities can feel a sense of belonging, a space of mutual learning, a sense of ownership, a sense of home, a better support structure, a space where participants have more unproductive time.  want to create a school that really creates a space of cultural diversity and intercultural exchanges.

First build up of TENT at DAS Graduate Performance in collaboration with Maria Magdalena Kozlowska 

©Thomas Lenden

Banyan tree

Banyan is a tree which roots go really deep into the ground. Its seeds wander and sometimes end up inside old buildings, where they grow so strong that they can break the big concrete structure.

Banyan is our metaphor for working with Institutions. We use TENT which keeps transforming and reshaping its image to work with the existing institution but never becoming a static one. It changes the working methodologies of the current institution, while working with them, we do not follow rules. We are not revolutionary, rather we are negotiatiory and want to make new working methodologies together with others. The reason is simple - the old structures are not working.  

TENT Artists 2023

Chetna Mehrotra

Francesco Corsi

Sankrit Kulmanochawong

Prabhash Chandra

Gessnerallee 2022 

Jiwon Chung

Ash Bulayev

Rabea Grand

Helga Baert

Michiel Vandevelde

TENT Artists 2022

Akhshay Gandhi

Giulia Savorani

Raunak Khan

Rituparna Rana

REST Residency spring/summer 2022

Chetna Mehrotra 

Kanika Singh


Maria Magdalena Kozlowska

Kristýna Ilek - documentation & production assistant 

Giorgia Belotti - graphic design

Arijit Laik

Hatim S. - IT support

Sarah Naqvi

Dimitri van den Wittenboer

Technical Collaborator

Pratik Kayal


Sankrit Kulmanochawong


Pankaj Tiwari

Banyan TENT is currently supported by Gessnerallee Theatre in Zurich and the University of Minnesota. 

Pankaj Tiwari, founder of TENT is supported by AFK in 2022.